Associated PRODUCTS  

          At Ally Windows and Doors Ltd, we offer a range of practical extra's 
               which will further enhance your aluminium glazing products
           and eliminate the need of having to deal with alternative suppliers

Associated Products -  

  • Aluminium Balustrades / Glass Balustrade
  • Aluminium Roof Lanterns / Aluminum Roof Lights 
  • Integrated Blinds
  • Triple Glazing 
  • Solar Control Glazing    


Aluminium Balustrades / Glass balustrades
Ally Windows and Doors Ltd, Supply & Fit aluminium balustrades, insect screens and glass balustrades. All products are custom made to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves in offering premium products at affordable prices with a first class personal service to the domestic and commercial markets. 

Suitable Application - Indoors and Outdoors
Flexible Design         - Glass Insect Screens or Stainless Steel Wire Rope   
Ancillary/Hardware  - Anodized as Standard
Colour Availability    - Any standard Ral Colour
Features                    - LED Lighting Optional to Posts and or Handrails      

All aluminium and glass balustrade systems are manufactured in the United Kingdom under the control of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management quality systems. 

Roof Lanterns / aluminium Roof Lights

Ally Windows and Doors Ltd, offers a complete range of thermally broken aluminium roof lanterns and roof lights to suit any design, accommodate for large openings. Roof lanterns/lights can be fixed, accommodate for manual openers and electrically operated openers.
Roof lanterns/lights are available in any standard Ral color at no extra charge. An option for dual colour is also available.  

Smarts Alitherm roof lanterns / lights as standard are thermally broken, durable, practical, slim line, contemporary, maintenance free, self cleaning and complement your aluminium windows and doors perfectly.   

As standard all integrated blinds are magnetically operated, providing a tilt and lift function, available in a range of 10 standard colours, 
practical and contemporary, out of reach therefore no need to dust down or clean. Magnets are easily detachable allowing for the cord and magnets to be kept out of sight.   

All integrated blinds are designed specifically for double glazed units and manufactured in accordance with high technical specification and product standards. The slat raising, lowering and tilting function is achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission and pull cords. Constant operation of the blinds will not impact on the hermetic seal of the units, will not wear out the magnets or damage the pull cords. 

The below image depicts the operating system - Pull Cords integrated with Magnets
The operating system depicted is over sized for viewing purposes only


The purpose of windows is predominantly to allow for natural light and ventilation to flood into you property. However over time as the glazing industry has evolved, windows are now obliged to contribute to improved thermal performance. The use of triple glazing will provide advanced thermal properties and result in minimal heat loss.     

Triple glazed units allow for less energy to heat your home, saving on fuel resulting in lower bills. This is achieved as triple glazed units allow for a higher level of solar gain, capturing warmth from natural resources. Further the triple glazed units have improved thermal insulation properties due to the make up of the units resulting in improved U values and improved comfort. Triple glazing is a self paying asset and over time the cost of the units will be paid via the cost saving achieved in reduced heating bills.

The below image demonstrates how a typical triple glazed units performs

Other associated advantages of triple glazed units are; 

  • Cost Effective to Implement 
  • Reduced Noise Pollution
  • Improved Security
  • Reduced Carbon Foot Print

Solar Control Glass ​

Solar Control Glass incorporates a thin layer of invisible material on the surface of the glass which repels a large degree of solar gain whilst infiltrating natural light into your property. Solar control glass helps prevent overheating in large areas of glazing, specifically south facing elevations. Solar control glass can also limit uncomfortable glare from direct sunlight. 

Added benefits of solar control glass -

  • Reduces the need of air conditioning in summer 
  • Provides savings in fuel bills
  • Reduces your carbon footprint 
  • Cost effective to implement 

Solar control glass is generally incorporated with our standard range of double glazed units due to the high insulation properties of the double glazing therefore limiting the amount of heat loss in winter. Solar control glass is available as standard in a range of coloured finishes, clear, bronze, green and grey. Solar control glass provides the ultimate contemporary look, improved privacy and practicality.  

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