Aluminium Sliding Doors


At Ally Windows and Doors we offer a full range of aluminium sliding doors for the residential market to suit any opening configuration from a conventional two panel door to an over sized six panel door.

Smart Visoglide plus - PREMIUM sliding Doors

Key Benefits - 

  • Suitable for Both Domestic and Light Commercial Sectors
  • Ideal For Large Apertures - Maximum Sash Weight 200kg - Maximum Height 2600mm 
  • Modern Sliding Door System - Elegant, Robust and Thermally Efficient  
  • Minimal Sight Lines, Outer Frame - 117.5mm - Meeting Stile 35mm (Slim) 83mm (Standard)
  • Ultra Slim Meeting Stile Now Available - 35mm
  • Threshold Options Available - Internally Flush or Standard Threshold   
  • Smooth One Handed Operation 
  • Flexible Opening Configurations Available - 2,3,4 and 6 Panels
  • Secure System - Internally Glazed
  • Multi Point Locking Integrated with High Security Three Star Locking Cylinder 
  • Compliant with Regulations and Insurance Requirements  
  • ​Any Standard Ral Color Available  

​Click on the following link for Technical Details on the Smart Visoglide Plus Sliding Door

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Key Benefits - 

  • Suitable for Domestic/Residential Applications Only - New Build Homes, Refurbishment Schemes, Replacement Doors 
  • Ideal For Smaller Apertures - Maximum Weight Per Sash 200kg - Maximum Height 2100mm
  • Modern Sliding Door System - Contemporary and Elegant  
  • Signature Slim Line Profiles - Outer Frame - 112.5mm - Meeting Stile 35mm
  • Smooth Operation - One Handed 
  • Flexible Opening Configurations Available - 2,3 and 4 Panels 
  • Secure System - Glazing Secured Using Wrap Round Gasket  
  • Multi Point Locking Integrated with High Security Locking Cylinders  
  • Any Standard Ral Colour Available

Click on the following link for Technical Details on the Smarts Slide 2000 Series Sliding Door   

Typical Opening Configurations

At Ally Windows and Doors we fabricate state of the art aluminium sliding doors to suit any opening. Typically a twin track and triple track system is utilized to offer a variety of opening configurations. 

Twin Track -  A two panel door with a 50 percent clear opening and an option to have both panels sliding. A two panel door can be fabricated to suit very large apertures of up to 5.0 m x 2.1 m.     

Triple Track -  three panel sliding doors provide various opening configurations. A three panel door can be fabricated to accommodate for one third opening, two third opening and half opening with a six panel door. 

For extremely large sliding doors a six panel with four panels sliding can also be fabricated. The massive 200 kg weight limit per panel ensures that our sliding doors are fabricated to suit any size.

Glazed Sliding Doors Prices - Smart Visoglide Plus

1 Number Sliding Door           (2000 x 2100)          £1,775.00 + Vat
                                                              2 Panels - 1 Sliding 1 Fixed

1 Number Sliding Door           (3000 x 2100)          £2,505.00 + Vat
                                                              3 Panels - 2 Sliding 1 Fixed

1 Number Sliding Door           (4000 x 2100)          £2,650.00 +Vat
                                                              4 Panels - 2 Sliding 2 Fixed

                                                           1 Number Sliding Door          (6000 x 2100)         £4,225.00 + Vat
                                                              6 Panels - 4 Sliding 2 Fixed ​

Please Note - 

Cost for delivery and installation is dependent on site location and the size of door. This has not been taken into account in the above figures.

The above prices include for a complete unit including all glazing, powder coated aluminium profiles to any standard Ral colour, aluminium door sill, multi point locking integrated with high security locking cylinders, lever handle, door buffers etc.
No hidden charges or nasty surprises!  

For Further Information Including a Quote Please Call 0333 772 9632 - Our Experts Would Love To Help!

Tel: 0333 772​

Aluminium sliding doors open up any room, absorbing natural light into your property, whilst only occupying minimal floor area.  

Making use of aluminium sliding doors will not result in loss of internal or external space and you will not have to redesign your furniture arrangement to suit the door openings.

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